2020 Annual Report

The 2020 “State of the Youthion”
by Rob Roise – Director of Youth Ministries

Psalm 78:1-4
Give ear, O my people, to my teaching; incline your ears to the words of my mouth!
I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings from of old,
things that we have heard and known, that our fathers have told us.
We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.
It’s absolutely incredible to look back on last year’s report and see how this Church responded to our call over this last year to bring our Youth Group back Home! You may all remember that at the beginning of our Fiscal Year in 2019 we were underway in our Grace Connection Building Fund with $35,000 in Gifts and Pledges. As we ended this last fiscal year we have less than that left TO GO!
So, on behalf of all the young people we reach through Grace Youth Ministries, I want to thank you, the Congregation at Grace for generously supporting the Grace Connection and bringing our vision to have Youth Group back on premises SO close to reality! We are Excited to see all that God will do in the next seasons of Youth Group and rejoice to be back in Church with the rest of the congregation on Wednesday Nights once the new building is built and ready!

In the last week of June 2019, the Youth Group put on VBS for Grace LB Church.
We memorized Scripture together with the kids that participated through songs that taught verbatim Bible passages! And we taught on The Fall! Beginning with the Fall of Satan who fell like lightning, as you may have seen in the diorama in the foyer last summer. That led into the reality of the Fall of Man and the hope for our Redemption through Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Son of Man who overcame Satan when He died and rose again.

From July 8-11 our Youth Ministry duplicated this same VBS for Ebenezer LB Church in Rolette.

As always, whenever we have something like Youth Convention coming up, I commit to providing sufficient opportunity for young people to raise 100% of their money through our own fundraising efforts. And they did! 16 of us traveled to YC19 in Colorado having fully paid for the trip THANKS to YOUR support through our Wilberforce Group Workforce projects, Coffee Shops, Car Washes, and an enormous Rummage Sale that we put on all throughout the summer of 2019!

Ministry Fair
Between Apple Harvest 2018, and what would have been Apple Harvest 2019, I suspect that Youth Ministry received its greatest outpouring of financial support EVER, when we consider all the money you gave for the Grace Connection. So, in order to say THANK YOU for your overwhelming support over the year, and in order to fund the rest of our Youth’s activities for the season without asking for ANY MORE donations, Brandy and Becky over at Thrivent Financial helped our Youth Group put on The Trivent Financial Ministry Fair! Like a Job Fair… where we gathered for an amazing dinner after Church on November 17th. Following dinner, our Youth and Youth leadership represented different ministries that we conduct at display tables containing information for each ministry and provided an opportunity for our congregation to partner with that respective ministry with their Thrivent Action Team! And many did! THANK YOU, Becky and Brandy! And THANK you Thrivent Members for your Generous participation with us!

Events & Activities

We had our Annual Youth Group Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 18th.

On January 24th and into January 25th we went to High Air Ground and Sakura Japanese Steakhouse for our Annual “Why Not Minot Night” followed immediately by a LOCK-IN back at Grace! I know: We’re crazy.

As many of you may remember, we ordered 2020 Youth Group T-Shirts and Hoodies! You’ll be able to identify young people throughout our area as ones from our Youth Group by these beautiful dark gray garments emblazoned by the striking Cross graphic designed by Annie Rodriguez, Willie’s daughter. So, be on the lookout for Grace Youth Group kids around town and greet them when you see them!!

Over the last year our Youth Group studied the 10 Commandments, the book of Philippians, Apologetics with Anthony Fornes, Fundamentals of the Faith with Jody Roise, The God Who Speaks with Beau Nevin, and The Fall as we prepared for VBS!

We didn’t know it at the time, but on March 11 we held our final Youth Group session for the fiscal year. From that time onward, we have suspended all Wednesday Night and Sunday Night activities according to the State Health Department recommendations to be safe from the Coronavirus and to slow the spread of the pandemic virus.

As always, it is my great privilege and pleasure to serve partner with you, the Congregation at Grace LB Church, and bring these Ministries to our Young People so that they might hear the Word of God, and come to know and treasure all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ. I have great hope for our Youth Ministry as we move forward, hoping to build The Grace Connection and to see all that the Lord will do through this incredible Youth Group!

Together with you, for their Joy in Jesus Christ,
rob roise


2019 Annual Report

The 2019 “State of the Youthion”                                           Visit our blog at http://www.gracelbyf.wordpress.com
rob roise                                                                                                                   Updated WEEKLY!!!

Our Current Vision:   

Ever since we’ve moved over to the Armory for Wednesday Nights, Youth Ministries has felt a bit disconnected from Grace LB Church. There’s really no easy solution, as space issues became a real thing, and the Armory really IS a great deal! And it’s an incredible facility for us. We enjoy being there and benefit from it in many ways. The City of Bottineau has been very welcoming to us; very flexible, understanding, and generous! They’ve even provided a room at the Armory to us at an incredible rate so that we no longer need to transport Sound Equipment and Ministry Supplies back and forth and back and forth every Wednesday! This alone has been a tremendous blessing and a Major Problem Solver, not only in that our gear stays healthier from being bumped around a lot less, but that as of July of 2018, we no longer have Willie! Our super-faithful and enthusiastic Audio/Video/Engineer/Designer/Mechanic/ Maintenance/Youth-Group/XYZ/Sunday-Morning/Full-Time-Volunteer that handled far, far more than we all ever realized… without Willie being on hand with us in everything we do, we were potentially up as creek, in a real bind. But! The Armory came through with a Room for us in which to store our entire Youth Group set up – right there on site! And it’s awesome! SO, in spite of my strong desire to get the Youth Group back to Grace, it really is getting better all the time over there! And we appreciate all that the Lord is doing for us in providing Space for this exciting and growing Wednesday Night Ministry! But as many of you have heard me say before, it’s just not “Home.”

At the 2018 Annual meeting, we voted to approve The Grace Connection. A Family Life Activity Center intended to be built on the Grace LB Church property and set to break ground as soon as all the funds are accounted for. My hope for this building is that our existing Ministries will have a great space in which to come together for all kinds of events and activities. And where Outreach Ministries and Fellowship Ministries that aren’t even conceived of yet hatch out of your great ideas and find a place to live and thrive amongst The Church at Grace LB!

As for the Youth, we’re looking forward to coming Home. We’re looking forward to becoming a part of our Busy Wednesday Nights at Grace again without meeting in a Hot and overcrowded room
and also without waving goodbye to Grace LB on our way to the Armory after Supper. We’re also looking forward to the many ways we can reach and serve the Youth of our Community through
“The Grace Connection.” Whether we’re hosting after school Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball or whatever else, we’re hoping “The Grace Connection” building AND MISSION will help our entire facility and our entire Church body to feel more accessible to teens and families throughout our Community that have never considered or found a Church Home.

Our Youth Ministry is excited to partner in any way possible with the rest of the Church in helping to establish this awesome new Facility! And I urge each and everyone of you to partner with us too! We’re off to a Good start with over $35,000 given towards our Goal so far! Just since November!! And as that number grows, keep an eye on our amazing Building-Update Board in the miniature post-frame building in the Church Foyer, behind the ropes near the Main doors!
Some highlights, snapshots, and Changes over this last year:

The Youth Group is Now heading up VBS! Last June, we hosted “On the Rock,” a Custom VBS program we developed for our own VBS here at Grace, which focused on the Word of God. Here: Our Young People from Youth Group were teaching the upcoming generation of Youth the importance and centrality of Scripture using Crafts, Games, Model Houses… Even a Model Storm depicting the House on the Rock vs the House on the Sand from Jesus’ parable in Luke 6:46-49. MAINLY, our Young People from LBYF taught over a dozen catchy, sing-able, memorable Bible Songs to VBS kids that are verbatim out of the Bible in NIV or ESV!

And then a few weeks later in July, we put on the same VBS for Ebenezer LB Church in Rolette and put on our Annual Block Party there! The Shy Boys Band debuted at that Block Party. They’re our incredible, entirely-Youth-based Youth Group Worship Band! And they’re really good! Aside from leading our Youth in Worship every Wednesday Night at the Armory, they were also hired to perform at the Thrivent Financial Services Christmas Party in January, and they made special appearances at Apple Harvest in November, and the Valentines Banquet “Grace Connection” Fundraiser here at Grace LB Church this last February! They are currently seeking more opportunities all the time and would love to hire out for special events! If you know of any…………..

As we look towards the next year, Youth Ministries is looking forward to our many Fellowship Opportunities with one another and with YOU! We’re eager to Serve the Congregation at Grace LB Church and enjoy spending time with you as we continue to put on Coffee Shops, Stay-for-Lunch, Wilberforce Group Workforce, VBS 2019, Apple Harvest 2019, and the many other events and activities we get to do with you!

2019 is a CLB Youth Convention Year for us, and we’re planning on taking a group of nearly 20 people down to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado for a week this upcoming July! Nearly all of our Fundraising over the year will support this Youth Trip and provide Scholarships for the Teens who have signed up to go and are serving in our VBS, Coffee Shop, and Wilberforce Ministries. Through our ever-expanding relationship with Ebenezer LB Church in Rolette, our Youth Ministry has secured a substantial donation towards our Youth Convention goal through an honorarium and a gigantic Wilberforce project! And as usual, we are grateful for your Support and eager to serve YOU in any of the many ways we can and have in the past! We’re also excited and encouraged by New Opportunities!
If we can help YOU, let us know! We’d certainly love to do so!

As always, dear Friends: Thank you for your incredible support! We finished our fiscal year with a balance of $3,864.31! With well over $5,000 more currently pledged! Your contributions are making a difference in the lives of young people in our area, so I want to take this opportunity through this Youth Ministry Report to THANK YOU for caring about these kids! Personally, I’m more encouraged and energized than ever! And I’m always increasingly eager to see all the ways God means to work in and through our Teens in 2019/2020! May God grant that our hearts incline to Him; that we would call on His name and Really Live in New Resurrected Life together in Christ!

     Together with You, for Their Joy in Jesus Christ,
rob roise