Enthroned, Indeed


Predestined Passover

Predestined Passover

In Exodus 11:7, God makes a distinction
between His own people and the Egyptian people.
Moses delivered God’s decree to Pharaoh
that the firstborn of every home in Egypt,
including Livestock would die.
BUT that none would die from among the Hebrews
“SO THAT” there would be a clear and visible distinction
to all that God’s favor was on the People
that He had called to Himself
and made Covenant with.


Yet, in order for an Israelite
to be saved from the Destroyer that night,
blood had to be spread around the doorframe.
In terms of Human Responsibility, or Human Freedom
Salvation from the Destroyer that night
appears to us as Voluntary.
Nothing prevented anyone
from denying that such a dreadful event would take place.
Nothing prevented anyone from refusing
to take the prescribed preventative action.
But in order to be saved from the Destroyer,
one MUST obey the command
and put Blood on the doorframe.
So, it appears as though they each had a choice.
And so they did, I suppose.
Every one of the Hebrews chose, then,
to come under the protection of The Blood.

But not only did they choose to,
but by declaring to Pharaoh
that not even a dog would die in Israel,
God said beforehand that they’d Choose to.
This is no mere act of foresight on God’s part.
God declared to Pharaoh that His people would not die.
But NOT because He foresaw it to be so.
But because God predestined
that His People would be Distinct.
people would come under The Blood Willingly
and He would spare them from the Destroyer
(Romans 8:1-2) and lead them out of Slavery (Romans 6)
and into the Promised Inheritance (Ephesians 1 & 2.)

All of it… 100%
Came about according to God’s Sovereign,
Pre-Ordained Purpose.

Consider Exodus 10:34-35
and Exodus 11:1-2
and compare this with Romans 9…
Namely Romans 9:18.

The Question is:
In matters of Human Responsibility and Freedom,
are God’s purposes Absolute?
If so, then Human Responsibility
and Yielding to the Will of God and the Gospel
are matters of Function within God’s Will and Purpose.

OR does our actions and efforts
affect the very purposes of God?
As though God merely Foreknows
and sees what action people will take
if thus or thus is proposed,
And SO God arranges His Plans
and Purposes to act accordingly?

What does the Bible SAY?
What Precedent does the Bible establish
except that our Actions and Efforts are effects
of God’s Purposes being worked out through Us…
We, who are predestined and purposed by God
to walk in and fulfill our roles (Philippians 2:12-13.)