2016 Annual Report

2015 Youth and Young People Ministries Report
by rob roise

First of all, before I start, I want to express how pleased I am that Grace LB incorporated Small Group Bible Studies into the life of our Church fellowship!
When Jody and I lived in the Twin Cities, the Small Group we were a part of was our family! In times of Crisis that we really did experience, members of our Small Group were on the frontline for us in prayer and supporting us in practical and necessary ways; often, because of geographical limitations, in ways blood members of our own families never could.
Our experiences in Small Groups have testified to us of their importance and, possibly even necessity in the Life of a Believer for their Joy in Jesus Christ and Fellowship with Him through His Body, the Church.
John Piper said of Small Groups once, that when the Bible warns us to not
“forsake the Assembly, as some are in the habit of doing” (Hebrews 10:24-25)
the Bible isn’t talking about Sunday Morning Worship!
It’s talking about small, intimate Fellowship Groups in one another’s homes!
So I rejoice in our Small Groups, and that so many from our Church have taken advantage of these wonderful opportunities to gather in the name of Jesus Christ and experience Fellowship with Him through His people! What a Blessing and Privilege! Praise God!

The Youth Ministry at Grace BOOMED in 2015! Not only in the number of Youth that came to participate in our studies and events, but in the number of Adult Volunteers that stepped up and contributed to the Youth Ministry!
This has been an amazing year for those reasons, at least! And I thank God and praise God for each and every Adult Leader that got involved in Youth Ministries through their presence on Wednesday Nights, or in helping to oversee special events throughout the year, ones that gave financial gifts, or even (if not especially) interceded for us and supported us through prayer! All these things are from God, and of God, and they are for His Name’s sake, and for His Glory! And I am honored to witness it, and be caught up in it all!

The majority of my “findings” and observations throughout this last year are published in a rather long document called Grace LBYF 2014/2015 Impact Report. For the sake of keeping this report reasonable in length, I’ll defer to the content and details in that document, which is available for you to read and review! If you have an interest or concern for the Youth and the Ministry to Youth at Grace LB Church, I’d encourage you to read it! You can obtain a copy from me, or by looking through the Blog Post archive on our Youth Group blog at
GraceLBYF.WordPress.com where the Impact Report document is available to download.

Some exciting things about our Youth Ministry
from this last year that I’ll briefly highlight include:

Senior High Winter Weekend at iPoint in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.
Several of our Senior Highers attended last February! It’s getting to be a tradition!

We took a group of Young People to see The Newsboys in Bemidji last April,
and to Minot in August to see For King and Country!

14 students traveled to Colorado this summer for the CLBA Biannual Youth Convention!

Over the summer, we routinely held our Wednesday Youth Group Sessions at a park in Dunseith where, each time, over 40 kids from our own group participated, and in addition, often drew in a few dozen others from the Community around Dunseith.
Over the summer, our Wednesday meetings were averaging 50-60 in attendance, including one amazing Wednesday evening where we counted a total of 85 people in attendance at one of our Youth Group events in Dunseith!

We EXPANDED the Youth Room and are increasingly and rapidly incorporating new technologies and techniques into our Youth Group sessions!! Stop in and check it out!!!

This fall, we took a group of Jr High students to iPoint’s Middle School Mania!

I love what I do here! I love Grace LB Church. I love our people!
And I love our heritage!
I am amazed that God has given me an opportunity to serve His Church in all the ways He’s given me! And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, and there’s nothing else I’d rather do! I increasingly feel as though God made me to be doing what I’m doing right now. And I’m thrilled!
I pray that my motives are also clear that my only desire is to follow Jesus Christ, and shepherd His people in the way He’s taught we should walk. Pray for me, as I am sure that I have a clear conscience; desiring to act honorably in all things.

May God grant that He will be greatly praised by us; magnified, and lifted up for all to see; believed in with all our hearts and confessed with our mouths, so that we may be Saved; all for the fame of His Great Name, and for the sake of Jesus Christ His Son; for His Glory, and for our ultimate and eternal Good. May God grant you Grace, and Peace in Jesus Christ. Amen.


Lust & Marriage


It’s true that Lust might be the reason why many people end up getting married. And they confuse their lust with “Love” for a little while.
But they don’t stay confused for long, do they?!?!

And Lust may be a major reason why so many marriages end in Divorce these days.
Lust isn’t committed to any one person. So marriage itself doesn’t solve the Lust problem for people.
When a man and a woman truly love each other, God given love compels them to act the way God created them to act and they Marry because of the Love God gave them.
And all of the sexuality our sinful hearts otherwise tempt us to lust for has its beautiful and proper place in marriage, and God’s nature and His Image is reflected there….
But God’s nature and His Image is never reflected in Lust