What are we afraid of?

It’s funny, don’t you think?
That we pay so much attention to whether fun things are dangerous…
things like base jumping, and skydiving, rock climbing, deep sea diving…
Amazing things!

One reason people avoid these activities might be because they’re expensive.
But most people avoid them because they’re DANGEROUS!
Even if it didn’t cost a thing, they’d never do it.
It’s not because they aren’t fun!
It’s because there’s a legitimate fear of Death!
If no one had any fear of death, in relation to these activities, they’d love it!

But if you’re afraid of dying, then these activities mean
that there’s something to legitimately be afraid of!

But like I said, it’s funny.
It’s funny, or strange, that we’ll avoid dangerous activities
that could result in Physical death,
but we never give a second thought
to doing fun things that could result in Ultimate Death.

Which is more dangerous, do you think?
Something that can kill your body?
Or something that will ensnare
your eternal soul in Hell forever?

Obviously, the greater Life or Death danger is over your eternal soul.
But all throughout the history of mankind,
most people never think about the danger to their eternal soul.
Every sentient creature , ever, though,
has thought about the danger to their physical body.

Let me ask this:
What kind of human being NEVER thinks about the danger to their physical life?
What kind of human being just does NOT care about that sort of thing?
A Dead One…

So, what kind of human being does not care about their Spiritual Life?
What kind of human being ignores whether their thoughts
and actions lead to Ultimate Death?

A Spiritually Dead One…

Dream within a Dream


In Youth Group, we are looking into the Dreams of Pharaoh’s men who were in prison with Joseph while he was a captive in Egypt. Genesis 40 tells us that Joseph interpreted their dreams for them, and eventually was brought out of prison to become ruler over Egypt, only with exception to Pharaoh himself.

The whole matter of Dreams got me thinking, and I venture the following:

If you’re not convinced that a Spiritual World exists, a world above ours, in a sense… A clearer reality, where things both physical and spiritual are perceived, and are tangible to Spiritual Beings in the way that only physical things are tangible to us… if you’re not convinced of the existence of a Spirit World, then consider your very own Dream World. Dreams are obviously not reality; Real Life. But the reason that you dream of real people, real places, and real experiences is because YOU are in reality and Memory of your reality, or a residue of your perception of reality reaches into your subconscious while you sleep and gives your dreams information. And that information constructs a dream sequence. Sometimes a weird one… Like, a dream sequence that is not like real life, and could not possibly happen in real life… That’s not uncommon of dreams… not at all… But sometimes dreams ARE like real life! So much so that you can wake up and lie there for a little while, and have to figure out where exactly the dream ended and real life has begun again. Does that happen to you? Do you ever fall back asleep hoping to get back into that Dream world you just left?? I do! And guess what! Sometimes I DO! That ever happen to you? How weird is that? Sometimes Dreams can actually become really practical! You can lose something… misplace it… and because it’s on your mind while you’re awake, in a Dream you can end up back in the place where you left it, and upon waking up you find your lost thing exactly where you’d left it… exactly where your dream led you back to while you were asleep! Has that ever happened to you!? Dreams can be practical, and totally fit into the framework of your everyday, real life! Like with my friend Mike… He’s a songwriter. He’s a featured performer at things like Beardstock and Rock The Leaves which is where we went and saw For King and Country in Minot last fall. Anyway, Mike’s a super serious song writer… he’s very good at it. One morning he wakes up, having dreamt of a song… a song that didn’t exist. He’d never heard it. No one had. It was in his dream. He woke up, grabbed his guitar, grabbed a notebook, and played what he had dreamed and sang what he had dreamed… and it ended up being one the greatest things he’d ever written! It wasn’t a weird song. It made total sense! The song in his dream made total sense in his Dream World, and it made total sense in the real world! How many of you have had a Dream Come True? I don’t mean that your parents took you to Universal Studios, you made the team, or I got to marry Jody, or anything like that. I mean, how many of you have dreamt something and then found that it really happened? I used to be part of a business group. Tons of independent businesses that took direction from a central business figure. And for my particular group, that business figure was a man named Bill Britt. I was in the business group for a while, and then ended up going in a different direction and wasn’t really in touch with the Britt Worldwide organization anymore. One night, a few years after leaving Britt Worldwide, I had a Dream. There isn’t anything specific that I remember about that dream, but one of the people in my Dream that night was Bill Britt. I woke up and thought, “that’s weird.” I hadn’t thought of Bill Britt, or even heard his name spoken for a few years by this point. Weird. A little later on that day, after waking up from that dream earlier, someone sent me a text message saying, “Did you hear that Bill Britt died last night?” WHOA! I don’t know why that happens… I’m not going to try to explain it to you, if that’s happened to you… except to say, that something else besides our own sights, thoughts, and experiences can ACCESS our Dream World and tell it something that’s True or is even going to be True. I don’t have a clue if that’s what was going on with my dream or not. Not a clue. It COULD be a coincidence. If it’s a coincidence, then it’s a really weird coincidence… I’m not even sure what’s weirder. That I might have been given a supernatural revelation in my dream, or that I might have dreamt of a guy who was dying while I dreamt of him ALL by coincidence. Which is weirder? I don’t know. But regardless of what the hidden truth of my own dream story is, Joseph’s dreams were NOT coincidence! They were giving him insight into reality! Into FUTURE, and ultimately Eternal reality! So, sometimes people Dream things that are TRUE that either haven’t happened yet, or the Dreamer couldn’t have known, or Both… Maybe you’ve experienced that… If that happens; when that happens, what IS it that accesses our Dream World like that? When our Dream World isn’t real, but nevertheless tells us True things? Things we certainly couldn’t have known or perceived through our own senses or experiences? What does that? See, we can perceive our real world and dream world and differentiate between them… I hope… But we DO experience 2 different realms. There’s the Dream World, which is the imaginary realm beneath us… It’s not real, yet we experience it, we perceive it, and if we’re lucky, we can remember it… sometimes unlucky… And whatever the dream world is, it’s obviously less significant than Real Life. No one blows off an important appointment in real life because they’re already booked for a dolphin ride through an Outer Space forest dressed as a ninja dog with no legs. No one gives their own dreams the time of day… not really… and no pun intended… As in, no normal person lives out their real life in submission to their dream life. That would be extremely foolish. Our Dream World is beneath real life, in order of importance. Yet, the Dream World really does exist within each and every one of our lives! It’s always beginning, and always ending. It’s created and destroyed constantly. Sometimes lasting only a few seconds, if even that. Dreams aren’t worth much. They don’t last long. We remember very few of them, and very little about them. They’re just a strange, little experience we get as part of being alive. But they’re real, as in, they really happen. And if there’s a way for something or someone to access that world in order to give it true information that hasn’t existed in the physical, real world yet, what kind of being could do that? Not a physical being… physical beings are trapped in time and space. Incapable of entering into another person’s mind… incapable of accurately telling things that are yet to come… physical beings can’t do that. Not even spiritual beings can. They’re not trapped in space like we are. But they ARE trapped in Time. There isn’t any angelic or demonic spiritual being that knows anything about the Future that they aren’t told by God. They don’t perceive the future any more than we do, except by conjecture… or guesswork… they might be better at it than we are… they probably ARE. But when Joseph has a dream that comes true later in his lifetime with immense significance for him, and for the entire world in his day AND for the rest of the entire world for all time… what kind of Spiritual Being can do that?? Only a Spiritual Being like God! So my hope in this digression is to just cause you to think that even the weirdness of your own Dream experiences might be evidence to a Spiritual Reality! A Reality that you might tend to ignore, or even prefer to ignore! But nevertheless, a Spiritual Reality that has the ability to break into your mind, and into your heart, and into your life! My prayer is that God, the Ultimate Reality will break into your Heart and Life, lifting you out from this dark and ignorant dungeon and open your spiritual eyes to the Glory of His presence, and to His ultimate purpose in this world and for you, for your Joy and Happiness as you come to know that Living God manifest in the person and work of Jesus Christ!